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Cooking in my tefal acti-fryer

So i am extremely lucky and for Christmas my parents brought us a tefal acti-fryer. They were brought one the previous year as a wedding present and absolutely love it. So a few times ive been over for tea and had chips in there and they were amazing, so they decided to buy me one as well!

So i thought in this blog post i would tell you how i use my acti-fryer and why i like it! Im thinking of filming a youtube video or two soon as well so you can see it properly! There are so many different things you can cook in the acti-fryer but these are the ones ive done and loved so far.

Roast Potatoes

So i used to get so fed up cooking a roast dinner and doing roast potatoes and them being caked in oil and be so greasy, then washing up afterwards was an absolute nightmare! But now i dont have that problem! So this is how i did them.

  Peel the potatoes and cut them into the size you want
• Put them in the acti-fryer
• Season them if you want, i usually put a few cloves of garlic in
• Add a spoon full of oil with the green spoon provided
• Depending on the size you have cut the potatoes, i put mine in for 40 mins
• Press the timer on the acti-fryer to the time you want
• Press the on button
• Its as simple as that!

Potato wedges

These are amazing, i do these instead of chips as its less faffing around with cutting them, however when Decarlo does them he cuts them into chips, so it depends what you fancy!

• Peel the potatoes if you want we like them with there skins on (less faffing too)
• Cut them into wedge or chip shape, whatever you fancy!
• Season them if you want, we add the chip seasoning as its yummy (occasionally we do salt, pepper and chili chips)
• Add a spoon full of oil with the green spoon provided
• Depending on the size you have cut the potatos, we usually put ours in for 40 mins
• Press the timer on the acti-fryer to the time you want
• Press the on button
                                                          • Its as simple as that!

Cleaning you acti-fryer is super easy as you only use the tinniest bit of oil and most of it is used in the process. You can just wipe the acti-fryer clean but because we always had spices and things to ours we give it a proper wash, the rotating paddle comes out and then you just wash the pan and spoon. Its idiot proof! Below are some pictures of potatoes and seasoning i use etc.

So thats it for this week, please comment below if you would like to see a video of how i use my acti-fryer! See you guys next week for another blog post!



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