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How to (try) & cope when your little one is teething

So not only have me & Eloise recently been poorly with the Noro virus, in that same time shes been doing quite a bit of work! She has been busy trying to pull her self to stand (with the sofa's help) and succeeded. But shes been growing lots of little teeth and cutting them! In just a few days shes had 3 new teeth start to come through and shes been in so much pain, its the worst thing!

So here are a few things ive done that have helped! Dont get me wrong its not going to solve it completely but anything you can do to help them is good! 
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We have been giving her Nelsons teething granules, if your not familiar they come in little sachets and its just a small amount of powder containing chamomilla. All you need to do is put the powder in there mouth and you can do this every 2 hours (6 sachets) you can buy these in superdrug/boots/tesco and they are relativity cheap to buy!

Alongside the teething granules ive been using bonjela teething gel, all you do with this is rub it into there gums and it seriously works i tried a bit on my tongue and it felt numb, but you have to be careful once they have a few teeth coming through this is a dangerous task, as soon as your finger enters there mouth they are going to want to bite! I have found this one of the best products! I previously used cagel which is another teething gel but the taste wasnt as nice and the gel would just slide of my finger so impossible to actually rub into the gums.

Ive also brought Eloise a amber necklace, they are supposed to release an oil when touching warm skin that can help with pain, i cannot give you my full opinion on this as i havnt really noticed much difference but a lot of my friends swear by it, so i think its one of those things that work for some and not for others. It was more of a pricey option, i paid £20 for hers from a health food shop. They do sell bracelets but i was worried about it falling off and not fitting her properly as there always growing so i got the necklace and tucked it under her vest. The lady assured me that any pressure on it, it would snap so there wouldnt be any dangers, Im glad i brought it though as if it did work it would of helped her so i would defiantly recommend trying different things.

Teething toys are fantastic, ive got so many i cant even list them all, a lot of them have gels inside them so you can put them in the freezer/fridge to get cold so its instant relief for them!

Another option which i have recently tried is ice lollies, you may not want your little one having lots of sugar but seriously if it helps them with there pain and it just means you have to give there teeth a better scrub then do it! I brought Eloise some mini milks, they have calcium and lots of other good stuff in them so i felt less guilty about feeding her sugar! Not only did she love them but it helped, whether it was the coldness of them or the fact they were tasty and took her mind of it! Whatever works right?

Every now and then when nothing else has settled her we have used calpol, i dont reccomend using this a lot as they can build up and immunity to it and its not good for them, it also takes a little while to work so its not instant relief but its longer lasting.

Ive also found finger food is helpful in general, she can rub biscuits or carrot sticks on her gums and fill her little belly at the same time! Win win!

From around 6 months we started introducing the tooth brush, she had only just cut her first tooth, however if she hadn't we still would have introduced brushing her teeth (or gums) anyway as it gets rid of bacteria and rubs the gums to help them come through.

I hope my advice helps you, this is purely based on my own experience and this is the first time im dealing with it so take it with a pinch of salt try a few of my ideas but experiment with your own too! Make sure you read the instructions on every medicine you give your child to insure you give the right dose etc! 

See you next week

Lydia Anne



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