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Bridal make-up training

Before the natual bridal make up
So the past two days ive been in Falmouth, Cornwall, studying bridal make-up with Sally Orchard (an amazing make-up artist in Cornwall) so i arrived at her studio in Falmouth there were 6 lovely girls doing the course including me. The first day we did a bit of theory in the morning and practiced a more natrual bridal make up look in the afternoon, this was really hard for me as im usually one for putting quite a bit of make-up on so it was quite hard to just do a little bit! It was also very strange to do someone else's make-up as im so used to just doing my own!
First day of training

The second day we did more of a stronger bridal make-up look the model was Silly old see dog (Alison) she creates vintage dresses which are just out of this world and you will see one of her dresses in the picture i took. The more stronger look really suited her! After a bit of theory and watching the demo we worked on each other in the afternoon, i worked on a different girl from yesterday so i could practice working on different people with different eye shapes/face shapes. I found this look was a lot easier but ive got a lot of work to do before im perfect! I struggled the most with the eyeliner as i dont often wear it myself but i think i did a pretty good job. I cant wait to get stuck in and build up a nice make-up kit (a nice excuse to buy more make-up) and start building up a portfolio of different looks!

Sally Orchard
 I really enjoyed the course with Sally it was so nice to be taught by someone so knowledgeable about the industry and i defiantly want to do more of her courses

Silly old sea dog (Alison)

Before the make up on the second day

  Im looking forward to doing some YouTube tutorials with some of the looks we have been shown. Im aiming to do one video a week throughout December so please let me know what you would like to see!

This year has been such a whirlwind and its still not over, from moving house to having my baby girl, then a new career opportunity, making myself a blog and YouTube channel and learning threading and make-up im so excited to see what next year brings if its anything like this one! 

Sally Orchard -
End of second day a more glamourous look
Silly old sea dog -


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