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Some great news...

Hello Blog,

Im so happy and excited to share this with you, so as you know if you read my blog or know me my daughter Eloise had erbs palsy when she was born which is temporary nerve damage due to the way she was born, and getting stuck. So she had no movement in her arm for the first few weeks and reading up on erbs palsy some babies have to go through oppertations to get the slightest bit of movement back and some dont (worse case scenario) so we were referred to physio every 4 weeks.

By her 1st physio appointment at 4 weeks she had some movement in her arm and could bring it across to her stomach, just bearing in mind we had no support from the hospital, we were told what erbs pasly was and was sent away, so information no nothing. At physio they gave us some exercises to do with her to get her shoulder moving and FINALLY a leaflet on erbs pasly and how to care for a baby with erbs such as for the first 4 weeks NOT moving her arm... well we didnt know this so the first 4 weeks we were doing little movements with her. It was also full of helpful information like how to feed, bath, and put them to sleep if they have erbs like how to support the arm etc. Would of been flipping helpful from the start as it was now too late to do all that with her considering she had movement!

So anyway we went away and did these exercises straight away twice a day! At her second physio appointment at 8 weeks she had move movement but still wasnt moving her shoulder... we took eloise home and a few hours later after i finished feeding her she laid there looked at me and smiled and then raised both arms above her head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me and Decarlo were speachless and so happy at the same time! So now all she keeps doing is lifting her arms, i think shes enjoying the movement! She makes me so proud every day and then she does little things like this and i cant explain the feeling i get shes amazing!!

Unfortunately theres not a lot of help with erbs pasly babies (not down here anyway) so if you do need extra help and information either leave a comment for me or you can google erbs pasly (dont be put off by the horror stories like me, there all worst case scenarios!) or please please ask your hospital for more help, me and Decarlo didnt and we really wish we did! I have made a complaint about it anyway so hopefully they will do more in the future... (this is not me moaning about the NHS) as i understand all the staff do as much as they can to help us, but hopefully in the future this is something they can improve on!

Peace and love

Lydia Anne

Pic above from the erbs palsy website -


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