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The end of pregnancy and finding out some amazing news

Hi Everybody,

So its official im overdue :( so yesterday was my due date and still no sign of baby, me and Decarlo are getting super impatient now waiting for this little one to arrive. You would not believe how draining it is in the last bit of pregnancy, you would think because ive stopped working and ive got all this time to myself i would have so much energy but im the exact opposite! Ive been sleeping really bad, mainly due to noisy neighbours and the baby pushing down on my bladder, so ive been getting up at stupid times of the morning recently so by lunch time i need an afternoon nap! So now were just taking each day as it comes and hoping that today might be the day the baby arrives, one thing we do know for sure is it will come over the next 2 weeks as they only let you go up to a certain point as it starts to become dangerous for you and baby!

Here are some pictures from our recent baby bump photo shoots that we did, this was shot on Gwithian beach with a photographer called Clive Anderton - here is a link to see all of the pictures

Anyway on to the amazing news! So me and Decarlo moved into a flat August last year and its only one bedroom, so now were having a baby were looking at moving elsewhere, and i would like to live closer to my family as were a 30 min drive away at the moment which is not going to be great with a newborn! So yesterday we got the news that the house we have been waiting for will be ready the beginning of May! So just over a month to go were super excited! Its only a 5 min drive away from my family which is ideal and its closer to the rugby club for Decarlo! So were spending these days packing a few bits away that we arnt going to use between now and then as it will be super hectic moving with a month old baby! Im so excited its a three bedroom house with a conservatory and a garden with a little shed! Im going to try and persuade Decarlo to let me have one of the bedrooms as a walk in wardrobe but we will see how that goes haha!

This year so far has been amazing and were only in March so i cant wait to see what the rest of the year brings! I hope you are all having a good year so far and it carries on being great for you! It wont be long and we will be thinking about Christmas presents and new years so make the most of each day whilst you can as life goes so quickly!

Anyway keep your fingers crossed for us that we dont have to wait too long for the little one! Speak soon!

Lydia Anne


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