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Healthy eating/living

Hi Everybody

So its been a while since my last post this time i thought i would do something complelety different and talk to you about my changes in my eating and lifestyle since being pregnant and im hoping to carry it on afterwards. Hopefully this may motivate some of you to follow in my footsteps.

So since being pregnant i have stopped smoking! I was smoking for about 5 years or so and im so pleased i managed to stop as ever since i started i have wanted to stop but never had the will power to do so! Every time i tried before i didnt succeed but knowing i had a little one i needed to protect was all i needed, i dont crave it or miss it what so ever and i really hope i keep it up after i give birth!

I have also started to drink decaffeinated drinks such as tea and coffee, i think even if your not pregnant its such a great change to make, you may experience some headaches if you were someone that used to have a lot of caffeine, but i feel so much better now i have cut down! Decaff tea and coffee doesn't taste any different but it is so much healthier for you, some of you believe you need a caffeine fix to wake you up well i have a decaff tea in the morning and just the hot drink wakes me up. Give it a go!

Another thing i do is take pregnancy vitamins - which are basically just multi vitamins, once i give birth im going to carry on taking these as i believe your body just needs a pick me up and it just helps everything in general!

Going back to drinking cups of tea i usually have two sugars in my tea, i was reading an article the other day about how bad sugar is for you and how we in England have a massive sugar addiction, apparently the government advises adults to only have 7 teaspoons of sugar a day, well i drink an awful lot of tea so thats already gone over the daily amount, then its hidden in jars of sauce and things so gradually im cutting down, i am doing it by half's so at the moment i have one and a half teaspoons of sugar for my tea and i will gradually keep cutting it down. Im also cooking a lot from scratch now which is cheaper and more fun and it doesn't take very long at all! At least then i know whats in it and how much sugar content there is!

Anyway i will stop rambling now, but those are a few suggestions, give it a try, would love to hear how you get on and if you have any healthy eating/living tips please comment below :)

Speak soon!

Lydia Anne


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